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One-on-One With Trey Dickerson

Posted by Garrett Tucker on December 11, 2010 at 10:43 PM

Trey Dickerson has had the luxury of witnessing some of the best basketball cities in the U.S. throughout his life thus far.

Dickerson is a six-foot point guard native to New York;however, he attends prep school out west in Los Angeles at Montclair Prep. The two areas are both very popular for the game of basketball, whether it be organized games or occasional pick-ups.

While he has enjoyed the game of the two respective areas,he doesn’t want to stop there. He wants to add something else to his resume: a college atmosphere and, hopefully, an NBA one too.

Dickerson hails from the Class of 2012, a group composed of major talent from top to bottom.

It seems that since his departure from New York and move to Los Angeles, he has been forgotten by some, as many major recruiting sites have failed to update his profiles.

“I want back on the map,” he tells me all the time. With time, he will be back.

He looks to continue to press his game and return to the spotlight that he deserves among college coaches and scouts, as well as the fans.

I have got to know Trey very well over the past month and I can call him one of my good friends and one of my favorite recruits.

Look out for him as he is about to take California and the West Coast by storm.



Garrett Tucker: At what point did you realize you could play college basketball?

Trey Dickerson: I first realized I could play when I was in the sixth grade at AAU Nationals,Division-1. I played against some of the top players in the country and held my own pretty well.

Tucker: Who would you compare yourself to in the college/NBA game?

Dickerson: I would compare myself to Russ Smith, an incoming freshman to Louisville, as well as Russell Westbrook. We are all explosive guards and scoring point guards.

Tucker: Who was the first team to contact you? What was your impression on them?

Dickerson: The first team was Rutgers back when Coach Hill was there. I was excited that they knew about me. I wanted to commit then, but it was really early.

Tucker: Who is currently recruiting you?

Dickerson: West Virginia, USC, UNLV, St. Joseph’s, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Notre Dame, Washington,and Oregon.

Tucker: Do you have any dream schools?

Dickerson: I really like Kentucky, Memphis, Baylor, West Virginia, UConn, and Syracuse.

Tucker: What are you looking for in a college?

Dickerson: I want a good education, a great program, and a great coach that can get me to the next level. I’d also like an up-tempo offense and a school that plays on TV a lot.

Tucker: What goals do you have for the rest of your basketball career?

Dickerson: In high school, I want to win a state championship and make first team all-state. In college, I want Freshman of the Year and an NCAA Championship. And if I’m lucky and can get to the NBA, I want to be the Rookie of the Year and get an NBA Championship.

Tucker: Are there any players you communicate with regularly, whether it be high school, college,or NBA players?

Dickerson: I have known Lamar Odom since I was a kid, and I got to know John Wall at some camps recently. I’m also close to Russ Smith (Louisville), Quinn Cook, Kyle Anderson, Rodney Purvis, Ashton Pinkney, and Kenny “The Jet” Smith.


Trey also asked me something I never have been asked before. “Can I give shoutouts?”

I have never done such thing before, but there is always a place to start.

“I’d like to give a shoutout to my mother and father, Jennifer, Alex, Relly, my high school team, my coaches, and everyone helping me. And of course, Jessica Criner, A.K.A, my future… And a huge shoutout to Southside Jamaica Queens!

Thanks Trey!

Great interview!

Follow Trey on Twitter @FABOLOUS_TD

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