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Talking it up With Isaiah Lewis

Posted by dylanclark54 on January 6, 2011 at 7:12 PM Comments comments (0)

This is my interview with Isaiah Lewis, a 6'3 guard in the Class of 2013. He attends Christ the King, in New York.


DC: First off, how's your high school season going thus far?


IL: My season is going great, we are 5-2 and I'm playing real well.


DC: What kind of numbers are you putting up?


IL: I'm averaging 13 and a half points, 6 assists and 4 rebounds. I'm also the second leading scorer on my team.


DC: What do you feel your strengths and weaknesses are?


IL: Right now I'm just a scorer. I am really good in the open court and I also can pass. I have to just keep workin' on my strength.


DC: Let's move on to the recruiting process. What's your list look like right now?


IL: Arizona, UConn, Kentucky, Florida, Kansas, St John's, Seton Hall, Miami, Ohio State, Villanova, West Virginia, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, North carolina, North Carolina State, Arkansas, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, USC, and Stanford.


DC: Any personal favorites as of right now?


IL: No favorites. I like Kentucky, I like Kansas, I like Arizona but no favorites.


DC: Planning on taking any visits soon?


IL: Yeah, I'm going to be taking a visit to Kentucky this year. I'm going to go to Arizona this year. Also Kansas and North Carolina.


DC: What are things you're looking for in a college?


IL: I'm looking for a college that is going to get me ready for the next level.

Also the fanbase and the academics have to be great.


DC: When do you plan on narrowing down your list?


IL: Right now I'm a sophomore, so I'm just focusing on my season and school, but sometime this summer or next.


DC: Alright, that's about it. Thanks for your time, and good luck with your season.


IL: Thanks, appreciate it.

One-on-One With Stefan Jankovic

Posted by Garrett Tucker on January 3, 2011 at 7:02 PM Comments comments (1)

Stefan Jankovic is a 6’9” power forward that currently attends Huntington Prep in West Virginia.

However, the junior is native to Croatia and a native of Canada.

Jankovic is one of the many new Canadian players that is beginning to get noticed as the game north of the border is starting to slowly develop.

“Canadian basketball is really coming along because we are getting exposed more,” he told me.

Many teams are starting to heavily recruit the European phenomenon, and Jankovic could easily be one of Europe’s future stars.

Stefan was nice enough to answer some questions with me.


Garrett Tucker: At what point did you realize you could play college basketball?

Stefan Jankovic: Probably last year as a sophomore because I saw colleges starting to recruit me.

Tucker: Who would you compare yourself to in the college/NBA game?

Jankovic: In college, well at least last year, I'd compare my game to Gordon Hayward from Butler, and in the NBA I would say Hedo Turkoglu.

Tucker: What teams are currently recruiting you?

Jankovic: I have many schools like Kansas, West Virginia, Pitt, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Florida, Miami, Virginia and many more.

Tucker: Are there any schools you are planning to visit soon?

Jankovic: Planning on Syracuse, Florida, and Wake Forest.

Tucker: What school first contacted you about playing college basketball? What was your impression on the team and the moment?

Jankovic: West Virginia and I really liked them.

Tucker: What are you looking for in a college?

Jankovic: I’m looking for good academics and a good basketball program.

Tucker: Are there any teams that are high on your radar? If so, why?

Jankovic: There are not really any teams high right now because I’m only a junior.

Tucker: What goals do you have for the rest of your basketball career?

Jankovic: I want to play professionally, whether it is in Europe or in the NBA.


Thanks Stefan!

Great interview!



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One-on-One With Jabril Trawick

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Jabril Trawick is a 6’5”, 200 pound shooting guard from a city that loves to host basketball: Philadelphia.

Trawick is a senior and a member of the Class of 2011. He currently attends Abington Friends High School.

During the recent signing period, Trawick fulfilled his commitment to John Thompson III and the Georgetown Hoyas.

Jabril will follow a very impressive group of shooters the Hoyas have relied on dearly this season, including stars Austin Freeman and Chris Wright.

Jabril was nice enough to answer some questions with me.


Garrett Tucker: At what point did you realize you could play college basketball?

Jabril Trawick: I always knew that college basketball would be something that I would be able to attain. It would just be a matter of time before I would know what level of college basketball I could actually play, so I just kept playing hard. I always say anything is possible.

Tucker: Who would you compare yourself to in the college/NBA game?

Trawick: Dwayne Wade because he is very explosive and has a great ability to get to the rim. I would say I am a streaky shooter, but I’m more consistent.

Tucker: What school first contacted you about playing college basketball? What was your impression?

Trawick: Drexel was the first team I really heard from. I was appreciative of their interest and that they were one of the first to contact me, but I knew that I wanted to play at a higher level and somewhere that wasn’t really in Philadelphia.

Tucker: What do you like about Georgetown?

Trawick: I like the coaching staff, the city, the tradition, and the historical pipeline that it has. It’s not too far from home and it has a lot of exposure television games. I also really like the Verizon Center. Academically, Georgetown is one of the best schools in the country and that goes a long way.

Tucker: Are there any teams you are looking forward to playing?

Trawick: I just can’t wait to get into the Big East battles and rivalries, like ‘Cuse and ‘Nova.  All of those schools.

Tucker: How is your season going?

Trawick: My team is 6-2, but we lost by six and a buzzer beater, so we have had opportunities to win them all. We are a very good team, just undersized. However, I am playing very good. I’m averaging 22 points and 8 rebounds right now.

Tucker: What goals do you have for the rest of your basketball career?

Trawick: I want to stick to high school stuff right now, so I want to be Gatorade Player of the Year, First Team All-State, and an All-American.

Tucker: Are there any players you communicate with regularly, whether it be high school, college, or professional players?

Trawick: I talk to Thaddeus Young of the 76ers and most of the current Georgetown players.


Thanks Jabril!

Great interview!

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One-on-One With Kelvin Amayo

Posted by Garrett Tucker on December 15, 2010 at 8:11 PM Comments comments (0)

Kelvin Amayo is a 6’4” combo guard native to Hillside, New Jersey.

Until this year, he attended the prestigious St. Benedict’s. However, this year is different.

Due to his fifth year status, he was forced to take his talents to a prep school, which resulted in his enrolling at NIA Prep.

Now, Amayo continues to work hard and make the most of his extra year in high school, as well as using the experience to his advantage.

With his last year in fine tune, Amayo still remains wide open as to where he will attend college.

Kelvin was nice enough to answer some questions with me.



Garrett Tucker: At what point did you realize you could play college basketball?

Kelvin Amayo: Probably after my 8th grade year. People started telling me if I kept working hard I could be one of the top players in my class. They told me I could play at a very high level.

Tucker: Who wouldyou compare yourself to in the college/NBA game?

Amayo: I would say Derrick Rose and Dwayne Wade. I’m a combo guard and can play both point guard and shooting guard. I also have great attacking ability like them.

Tucker: What school first contacted you about playing college basketball? What was your impression?

Amayo: Rutgers. I was really surprised. It was the summer of my 8th grade year and we went undefeated in AAU.

Tucker: Who is currently recruiting you?

Amayo: Auburn, Ole Miss, UNLV, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Iowa State, and Indiana.

"Indiana hasn't offered yet, but they are interested," he also says.

Tucker: Are there any teams high on your radar? If so, why?

Amayo: Right now I’m just talking with everybody. When I cut my list down and start making official visits, those will be the teams I am really looking at and deciding between.

Tucker: What are you looking for in a college?

Amayo: I want a good family atmosphere. I also want to be an impact freshman, and I want good coaches that understand. I would like an up-tempo team, too. Academically, I want something I would like to major in.

Tucker: How has playing high school ball helped/hurt you?

Amayo: It really benefited me. I played in high school for a long time, and I know what it takes to be a winner at an elite level. Now I’m in there with some of the best in my class.

Tucker: What goals do you have for the rest of your basketball career?

Amayo: I want to reach the highest level I can, whether it be college, NBA, or overseas. I just want to push my talents.

Tucker: Are there any players you communicate with regularly, whether it be high school, college, or professional players?

Amayo: I’m really cool with Derrick Gordon from St. Patrick’s and Tyrone Johnson from Montrose Christian.


Thanks Kelvin!

Great interview!

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One-on-One With Eli Carter

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Eli Carter has had a lot of buzz around him the past few months.

Since the six-foot guard announced he would wait and sign during the spring, several teams have inquired about his recruitment.

Could this be a new thing for other recruits to learn in the future?

Carter has witnessed his services sky-rocket, as teams have failed to get other targets.

Carter currently attends Brewster Academy, and he is a member of the Class of 2011.

Eli was nice enough to answer some questions with me.

Garrett Tucker:  At what point did you realize you could play college basketball?

Eli Carter: Probably when I was in the 7th grade.

Tucker: Who would you compare yourself to in the college/NBA game?

Carter: In the NBA, I would say Jamal Crawford.

Tucker: What new schools have recently got into recruiting you since you announced you will be signing in the spring?

Carter: South Florida, Virginia Tech, Butler, TCU, and Oklahoma.

Tucker: What teams are currently recruiting you?

Carter: Oregon State, Iowa, South Florida, Virginia Tech, Butler, TCU, and Oklahoma.

Tucker: Are there any teams high on your radar? If so, why?

Carter: No, they are all equal.

Tucker: Is it possible for any of the teams that got involved later to receive your commitment?

Carter: Yes, it is possible. If I feel comfortable with the situation, then yes.

Tucker: What are you looking for in a college?

Carter: Somewhere I can have an impact right away. I want a good relationship with the coaches and a home away from home.

Tucker: What goals do you have for the rest of your basketball career?

Carter: I have always had aspirations to play in the NBA, so that is the ultimate goal.

Tucker: How has Brewster Academy helped you as a player and person?

Carter: It has challenged in a basketball stand point because our team is so good, and there is never a day off; you always have to work to keep your spot. As a person, it is preparing me for college. It helps me to be independent and stay on top of my school work.

Tucker: Are there any players you communicate with regularly?

Carter: I talk to Kyrie Irving daily. He is like a brother to me.

Thanks Eli!

Great interview!

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One-on-One With Trey Dickerson

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Trey Dickerson has had the luxury of witnessing some of the best basketball cities in the U.S. throughout his life thus far.

Dickerson is a six-foot point guard native to New York;however, he attends prep school out west in Los Angeles at Montclair Prep. The two areas are both very popular for the game of basketball, whether it be organized games or occasional pick-ups.

While he has enjoyed the game of the two respective areas,he doesn’t want to stop there. He wants to add something else to his resume: a college atmosphere and, hopefully, an NBA one too.

Dickerson hails from the Class of 2012, a group composed of major talent from top to bottom.

It seems that since his departure from New York and move to Los Angeles, he has been forgotten by some, as many major recruiting sites have failed to update his profiles.

“I want back on the map,” he tells me all the time. With time, he will be back.

He looks to continue to press his game and return to the spotlight that he deserves among college coaches and scouts, as well as the fans.

I have got to know Trey very well over the past month and I can call him one of my good friends and one of my favorite recruits.

Look out for him as he is about to take California and the West Coast by storm.



Garrett Tucker: At what point did you realize you could play college basketball?

Trey Dickerson: I first realized I could play when I was in the sixth grade at AAU Nationals,Division-1. I played against some of the top players in the country and held my own pretty well.

Tucker: Who would you compare yourself to in the college/NBA game?

Dickerson: I would compare myself to Russ Smith, an incoming freshman to Louisville, as well as Russell Westbrook. We are all explosive guards and scoring point guards.

Tucker: Who was the first team to contact you? What was your impression on them?

Dickerson: The first team was Rutgers back when Coach Hill was there. I was excited that they knew about me. I wanted to commit then, but it was really early.

Tucker: Who is currently recruiting you?

Dickerson: West Virginia, USC, UNLV, St. Joseph’s, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Notre Dame, Washington,and Oregon.

Tucker: Do you have any dream schools?

Dickerson: I really like Kentucky, Memphis, Baylor, West Virginia, UConn, and Syracuse.

Tucker: What are you looking for in a college?

Dickerson: I want a good education, a great program, and a great coach that can get me to the next level. I’d also like an up-tempo offense and a school that plays on TV a lot.

Tucker: What goals do you have for the rest of your basketball career?

Dickerson: In high school, I want to win a state championship and make first team all-state. In college, I want Freshman of the Year and an NCAA Championship. And if I’m lucky and can get to the NBA, I want to be the Rookie of the Year and get an NBA Championship.

Tucker: Are there any players you communicate with regularly, whether it be high school, college,or NBA players?

Dickerson: I have known Lamar Odom since I was a kid, and I got to know John Wall at some camps recently. I’m also close to Russ Smith (Louisville), Quinn Cook, Kyle Anderson, Rodney Purvis, Ashton Pinkney, and Kenny “The Jet” Smith.


Trey also asked me something I never have been asked before. “Can I give shoutouts?”

I have never done such thing before, but there is always a place to start.

“I’d like to give a shoutout to my mother and father, Jennifer, Alex, Relly, my high school team, my coaches, and everyone helping me. And of course, Jessica Criner, A.K.A, my future… And a huge shoutout to Southside Jamaica Queens!

Thanks Trey!

Great interview!

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Rodney Purvis to Louisville

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Members of the Class of 2012 have plenty of time before they first step foot into a college basketball game, but some want to get all the drama over early.

Rodney Purvis (Class of 2012, Upper Room Christian Academt, NC) gave an early pledge to Rick Pitino and the Louisville Cardinals late Friday night.

Purvis also had interest from other prestigous schools, including Duke.

"The people, coaches, and environment all made it seem like the right place," he commented.

The Cardinals and the new YUM! Center recently hosted Purvis for a visit, and it looks like the arena paid off. The junior has been heard raving about the environment of the arena and everyone inside.

While Louisville has been out of the top echelon of schools for the past few years, Purvis' commitment brings new hope to the program.

"I expect to be competing for National Championships (in the next couple of years).

Purvis has also expressed his desire to play with another 2012 elite guard, Shabazz Muhammad.

The two have recently become great friends and they often discuss playing together.

When asked about when he was going to get Muhammad to commit, he replied with, "I'm working on it."

The two youngsters, along with a new arena and the coaching prestige of Rick Pitino, make Louisville a very likeable place to play for other recruits.

Purvis is ranked in the top 10 in most (if not all) recruiting services.

He will be a great players and this is a huge get for the Louisville Cardinals.

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The Rich Get Richer: Josh Selby to Kansas, Doron Lamb to Kentucky

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Coming into Saturday night's annual Jordan Brand Classic Game, two prized recruits were expected to announce where they would be attending college and playing basketball: the top unsigned recruit Josh Selby (No. 5 in ESPNU 150 and pictured) and Doron Lamb (No. 29 in the ESPNU 150).

The two bright stars went in two totally different directions in announcing their decisions; Selby spent most of the week into Friday deciding on where he would play basketball before deciding to play with Bill Self in Jayhawk Country.

On the flip-side, Lamb, a New York City product and Oak Hill soon-to-be alum, has just wanted to increase the hype around himself and keep us fans guessing where he would end up.

Eventually, he had to announce where he would be attending school, and that will be Kentucky.

As a very firm follower of recruiting and especially this recruiting class, neither of these signings surprised me. Actually, it was kind of expected.

"I think that's the best place for me to mature and get to the next level," Selby said.

"[Coach Bill Self] kind of reminds me of myself. He's very outgoing, a good coach, and he's going to get the job done."

Selby will have huge shoes to fill with key departures of many Jayhawks, but most importantly, point guard Sherron Collins. Collins, Cole Aldrich, and Xavier Henry have all left Bill Self in somewhat of a rebuilding phase; however, with the addition of Selby, along with the Morris twins, Kansas should still compete in the Big 12 and on the national level.

In my opinion, Josh Selby could emerge as the best player in this recruiting class. Then again, I'm crazy about the guy.

Kansas, don't worry, you have a successor to the great Sherron Collins, even if it is a short stint, which will probably be yet another one-and-done player.

This was his response to how long he would be in Lawrence: "God willing, one year," Selby said. "But I have to get where I need to be."

As for Kentucky and coach John Calipari, it seems like the dominoes are falling into effect as Lamb follows the top-ranked recruit, Brandon Knight, to Kentucky, along with the top player in the 2011 class, Mike Gilchrist.

Many have criticized Calipari's ways of coaching and recruiting with one-and-done players, but he continues to prove he can get the best of the best to his program, whether it be Massachusetts, Memphis, or Kentucky.

Lamb will fit right in alongside Knight as they both will probably anchor the backcourt of the historic Rupp Arena, just like talented freshmen John Wall and Eric Bledsoe did this past season.

Another year, and it looks to be another contending season for the Wildcats in Lexington. Doron Lamb seems to think the same thing as he said this following his announcement: "I love the coaching staff. I think next year we're going to be a team to beat."

Like Selby and other phenomenal youngsters throughout the college basketball world, Lamb's decision came in large part to his professional future, and Calipari has proved he knows what the NBA wants and how to get his players ready.

Prime examples are Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans, as they have both taken the NBA by storm in their short professional terms, hailing from Memphis.

"[Calipari] gets guys in the league, and you know he's good with the guards," Lamb said. "I am looking forward to next year, him helping me with my guard skills, and hopefully I can make my dream come true."

Both these national powerhouses lost key players, but once again they continue to rebuild; don't be surprised to see more recruits commit to both Kansas and Kentucky as the signing period advances.

They may have lost key players, but the rich get richer this year, as arguably the two top programs in the country regain more strength heading into next season.

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NCAAB Recruiting: Cory Joseph Gets Hooked, Coach Calipari Does It Again

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Texas head coach Rick Barnes must have something that the Findlay Prep kids like, as he is closing in on signing yet another player from the top high school program in Nevada.

As of early last week, the 16th ranked recruit in the ESPNU 100, Cory Joseph, remained unsigned and undecided about his future; however, Friday, that all changed.

Though he has yet to sign, Joseph verbally committed to the Longhorns and Barnes, just as high school teammate Tristan Thompson did earlier in the recruiting process.

Not to mention, so did former teammate Avery Bradley, who is now a freshman, but has declared for the NBA Draft this June.

Needless to say, Joseph feels comfortable with his surroundings in Austin, especially with Thompson accompanying him. Who wouldn't be comfortable with all the insights he has had with Bradley and Thompson?

"I had a great relationship with coach [Rick] Barnes and all the staff and players," Joseph said. "I feel that it's the best fit for me overall."

And like Joseph, I believe this was the best place for him to go. He will be able to come in and be a huge part of an already Top 25-caliber basketball team at Texas.

With Dogus Balbay coming off another injury, there are questions about whether he can be effective, so the starting point guard slot should be open for Joseph to step right in and take over.

"My goal is to go in there and hopefully be an impact player," Joseph said.

"I want to play hard and I hope things will work out for me. I want to get better every day ... and be fully committed to the team and basketball."

While Texas looks to have a decent team next year, they will be young, but if Cory Joseph can make a big, positive impact, they could emerge as one of the best teams the country has to offer come next March.


With Kentucky losing most all of its players to this year's NBA Draft, Coach John Calipari must realize he needs load up for the future, as he has signed yet another 2011 recruit, Marquis Teague, who is ranked as the fourth best junior in the country.

Teague joins the top-rated prospect in the 2011 class, Mike Gilchrist, and they make Kentucky the early front-runner for the best recruiting class in 2011. Yes, it's early, but don't be surprised if Coach Cal captures some more great recruits.

Calipari is known for his stellar point guards that he has coached, which include the names of Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, and John Wall, and it is obvious that point guard Marquis Teague wants to add his name to that list.

"I just think highly of Coach Calipari [and] the things he's done for guards in the past few years," Teague said. "I'm hoping he can do those things for me."

Teague can easily keep the point guard tree growing as he has the skills and intangibles that pro scouts, and, apparently, Calipari love.

With Gilchrist and Teague, it looks like Kentucky has some more great years in front of them with phenomenal freshman leading the way.

The question is, can they reach the ultimate goal? Can they win a National


Time will tell.


College Basketball Recruiting: Austin Rivers Commits to Duke

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Austin Rivers (Winter Park, FL), the No. 1 player in the Class of 2011 according to the ESPNU 100, has officially committed to the Duke Blue Devils.

Rivers chose Duke over many other teams, including North Carolina and Kansas.

“He picked Duke because of [Krzyzewski] and his staff,” Rivers high school coach David Bailey told ESPN. “There is a ton of tradition at Duke, and it was the best place for him from a basketball and academic standpoint,” Bailey said.

The timing of the commitment came as a surprise to many fans and experts, as Rivers had a visit set up to rival North Carolina. However, many expected this would be the college of his choice after he de-committed from Florida University.

Rivers joins fellow ESPNU 100 shooting guard Mike Gbinije as commitments for Coach K and the Blue Devils, and more will come in the future.

It looks like Duke will now challenge the Kentucky Wildcats for the top-ranked spot in the 2011 recruiting class.


More news and info will be coming me from later in the week.


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